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March 8, 2021

Engineers Australia skills assessment for non-accredited qualifications

Engineers Australia (EA) was founded in 1919 and it is now Australia’s principal engineering association that represents around 100,000 professionals https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/. EA is responsible for about 30 occupations on the combined current list of eligible occupations


Depending on your qualification, there are five different pathways:

1. Australia Qualification pathway

2. Washington Accord pathway

3. Sydney Accord pathway

4. Dublin Accord pathway

5. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) pathway

Today we are going to discuss the pathway number 5, i.e. CDR pathway.


Applicants with non-accredited qualifications and engineering managers need to submit Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). This document demonstrates that your skills and knowledge as an engineer meets the Australian standards. The applicant must show that he/she has the core technical engineering knowledge and has demonstrated the application of that knowledge. The CDR includes a statement on the continuing professional development (CPD), 3 career episodes and a summary statement (SS). CDR is also available to applicants who are seeking assessment in an occupation that is not the same as their degree title.

Engineers Australia (EA) assesses your CDR before deciding whether you fit into the occupational category you are applying for or not, which in turns forms the basis of the approval of your immigration to Australia.

The CDR assessment is based on the undergraduate qualification as well as demonstrated graduate competencies, therefore the following evidence must be provided:

  • The core technical engineering knowledge supporting the nominated occupation (degree certificate and official academic transcript), 
  • The demonstrated application of that knowledge in the nominated occupation (3 career episodes based on engineering education and/or work experience) 

The main purpose of the career episode is to demonstrate your engineering education and/or work experience. Each episode focuses on a specific period or aspect of your engineering activity. It can include activities completed as part of your university program, a project you were working on or even a particular engineer problem that you were required to solve. Career Episodes must be based on work conducted personally by the applicant and it must describe an applicant’s role. Each episode should be in essay form and must be written entirely by the applicant.

CDR is assessed against the graduate competency standards and the ANZSCO definition of the nominated occupational category.


Work experience is not a mandatory requirement for a standard assessment. However, if employment is included in the assessment, then it must be full-time and relevant to the assessed outcome, in terms of occupation and engineering category.

Experience gained prior to the completion of the applicable qualification cannot be claimed. In general, research activities undertaken as a PhD student, or work experience as a Research Assistant/Fellow whilst undertaking a PhD cannot be assessed as relevant.

The most frequent reason for negative skills assessment

All applications showing any evidence of fraud will be rejected and the applicant banned for 12 Months. Bigger cases of fraud involving more than one or two applicants may lead to a bigger investigation. Confirmed cases will be referred to the Department and further actions may be taken.

We strongly advice applicants to produce their original work and not to copy from published sources. We also warn against outsourcing this type of work to a third party. Engineers Australia uses plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin and has no hesitation to take an action if any plagiarism is detected.

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