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April 26, 2021

Federal Budget 2021-2022 Outlook

Although the date is yet to be confirmed, the Federal Budget will be delivered in Parliament by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Usually, the Budget Speech is made on the second Tuesday in May, so we could expect it on Tuesday 11th Mat, 2021. The Federal Budget analysis will be available for review the following morning.  

As reported by the BDO the Government will be focusing its funds on policies that will help them in the 2022 polls. The following issues will likely feature strongly: 

  1. Gender Equality with female-friendly proposals with regards to superannuation payments on paid parental leave. 
  2. Implementing Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations such as allowing people to stay at home longer rather than moving to an aged care residential facility.  
  3. Implementing recommendations from the Royal Commission of Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability 
  4. Focus on meeting Australia’s Climate Change Targets and updating the Climate Change policy. 

With last year’s budget, the Government’s Economic Recovery Plan for Australia was put in place to create jobs and secure Australia’s future. the 2020-21 Budget committed to response and recovery support, bringing the Government’s support to $506 billion including $257 billion in direct support. We hope to see further information and update on the Government’s recovery plan this year, which is focused on growing the economy to create economic resilience and a more competitive, income-generating economy. Further revisions to the Economic and Fiscal Strategy may be expected.  

With the announcement of the budget on the horizon, this is a great time for individuals to start their visa and PR processes. Skilled Occupation Lists have changed several times recently, with occupations being added, removed and re-inserted into the lists. The process for visa applications has become a confusing process due to this. However, Engineering and IT professions are currently in demand within Australia, so this is a great time for professionals with those backgrounds to apply for their visas. 

Both Engineers and IT professionals can opt for Skilled visas. The application process requires applicants to provide proof of qualifications, through a process called migration Skills Assessment.  

Currently, the MSA recognises four occupational categories for engineers:

  • Professional engineer 
  • Engineering technologist 
  • Engineering associate 
  • Engineering manager 

Each category has its own qualification requirements and work specifications. You should check to determine which category is appropriate. Furthermore, IT professionals should also check their appropriate streams to be more aware of their process.  

The ACS recognised occupations/study criteria for IT professionals are: 

  • Professional ICT Majors with a Bachelors, Masters or PhD  
  • Cisco Professional Certifications 
  • Microsoft Certifications 

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