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May 3, 2021

Considerations for Successful GTI Applicant

According to the Australian Federal Government within its 2020-2021 Budget the Government firmly established its intention to attract more international talent to Australia. As stated earlier this was done by raising the GTI quota to 15,000 applicants recently.  

A GTI program is a pathway for highly skilled professionals to acquire a Distinguished Talent visa to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. However, not all skilled professionals will qualify under the program. These are some considerations for applicants considering applying for the Global Talent Visa:

1) Talent Sectors 

  • AgTech 
  • FinTech 
  • MedTech 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Quantum Information 
  • Advanced Digital & Data Science 
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Energy and Mining Technology

The GTI program has opportunities for students and PhD graduates in the above-mentioned sectors. Students within these sectors can start the GT process as soon as they know their thesis will be submitted within the following 6 months. Any candidate who receives an invitation reference identifier will be eligible to proceed with their visa application. Please note that as of 20th January 2021, Masters and Bachelors with Honours graduates are no longer eligible for an invitation to the GTI Program. 

2) Outstanding Achievement 

Candidates must have demonstrated a strong record of outstanding achievements that indicates they are considered at or near the tip of their field in the area of the achievement. They must demonstrate that they are prominent members of their field of expertise. This evidence would include awards, patents, publications, memberships and senior roles in the nominated field. Details of projects, research and other professional recognition should also be provided.  

In addition to evidence of their outstanding achievements, the applicant must be nominated by a recognised organisation or individual within the same profession. The nominator must have recognised Australian reputation within the industry.  

3) Internationally Recognised 

The applicant’s achievements must be internationally recognised, with evidence provided of recognition in countries other than the applicant’s home country. Under certain conditions, the recognition of the application within the home country may be considered at an international level. This is determined by the Department of Home Affairs on a case by case basis. 

4) An Asset to Australia 

Applicants must be able to show how their skills and achievements could be an asset to Australia. They must be able to demonstrate how their experience, knowledge and achievements will benefit Australia’s economy, add to civil development and research, give Australia a competitive edge and introduce new skills into the Australian community. They must also demonstrate that there will be no difficulty for the applicant to secure employment and establish themselves in Australia.  

The GTI program offers a specified streamlined pathway that is an attractive alternative for highly skilled professionals and employers seeking outstanding talent!

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