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May 6, 2021

IT Developers Continue to be In Demand

New innovative technologies, ideas and approaches, continue to dominate within an era of unprecedented technological changes. Especially within this pandemic-laden world that has had to adapt to new methodologies of working and efficiency, IT candidates are in high demand. Australian companies continue to demand highly skilled people who are able to help them adapt their businesses to take on a more tech-focused approach to propel them into the future.

In 2018 the Australian Computer Society Digital Pulse said that the Australian economy will need to find more than 100,000 tech workers within the next five years, which means there is a total demand of over 750,000 tech employees by 2023. The tech trend in Silicon Valley and the increasingly high demand for IT talent in Europe and Asia have had a knock-on effect on the Australian IT landscape. Even at this time, job seekers should aim for taking roles overseas. Furthermore, with the situation in the last year and a half, the increased ability to work remotely means that the booming salary expectations in other parts of the world also boosts the salaries of IT employees in Australia. 

The following 5 roles are the most in-demand for IT: 

Web Developer 

Web Developers do everything from web development, to performance, traffic and content creation and overall management and maintenance of tasks. The number of developers needed to service millions of websites and digital services offered by today’s businesses puts them at the top of Australia’s demand list. There’s a reported 27% of web developer roles still unfilled for after 60 days. 

Data Scientist/Analyst 

Data Scientists combine technical skills and soft skills and are responsible for collecting, processing, analysing and communicating data. With the sheer volume of data that is being generated by modern businesses, it is vital for organisations to make the role of data scientists available and in-demand. 

System Architect 

With new technologies rapidly emerging that are required to be integrated into workplace environments, system architects are needed to guide these transitions. This is especially the ongoing shift towards cloud-hosted SaaS products, and emerging new technologies like blockchain. This creates a demand for system architects within the long term organisational business strategies. 

Software Engineer 

Software engineers are in high demand because workplaces and even personal lives are largely dominated by digital services, apps, and connected devices. Each of these need to be continually updated and re-developed to meet the changing needs of users and the latest range of new tech devices that come onto the market each year. With Australia pioneering to be ahead of the game within technology and innovation, this creates a market demand for Software Engineers.  

Fullstack Developer 

Full-stack developers combine the work of front-end and back-end developers so they need to be comfortable working on the code for the apps, software, and websites that users interact with as well as the code running on the servers behind the scenes. 

With the anticipation of the Federal Budget being announced soon this is a great time for skilled professionals to begin their processes with regards to obtaining a PR. With the current demand within the IT sector, this is a great time for IT professionals to consider their options.  

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