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May 13, 2021

New Occupation List for NSW Regional Sector

Many Australians faced unemployment last year and even this year in midst of the coronavirus crisis. Beauty Therapy, aged care, carpentry and administration dominated the job markets in regional NSW. Furthermore, Childcare workers, miners, kitchenhands and accountants were also the top occupations predicted for job growth in the state’s regions within the next two years.

Predictions for the job markets revealed that certain occupations will flourish in particular regions of the state with retail marked as one of the top employing sectors on Hunter Valley and NSW coast.

Changes to NSW’s Regional Occupation list came into effect on 1st April 2021 with a broader scope announced for different regions.

It is of note that NSW will not accept any new applications under Stream 3 until further notice.

The designated Regional Areas of NSW are the following:

  • Central Coast
  • Central West
  • Far South Coast
  • Far West
  • Hunter
  • Illawarra
  • Mid North Coast
  • Northern Inland
  • Northern Rivers
  • Orana
  • Riverina
  • Southern Inland (including Murray region)
  • Sydney*

Apart from Health, IT and Engineering as occupations in demand, the following regions have added multiple new Occupations.

  • Southern Inland: 95
  • Orana: 109
  • Central Coast: 35
  • Central West: 13
  • Far South Coast: 95
  • Far West: 53
  • Hunter: 25
  • Illawarra: 52
  • Mid North Coast: 53
  • Northern Inland: 60
  • Northern Rivers 52
  • Riverina: 69
  • Sydney: 15

For more information and full occupations list visit here: https://9bfb269a-9747-4000-810b-ad98965e065e.filesusr.com/ugd/a50ebd_4d9ea3eebe934cf38392842f52b3ad62.pdf

NSW Subclass Eligibility Streams

Applicant needs to meet all the criteria in one of the three following streams. Currently, Stream 3 is closed.

Stream 1: Living and working in regional NSW

Stream 2: A recently completed study in regional NSW

Stream 3: Living and working outside of NSW

Stream 1 Eligibility:

  • Hold a valid Skills Assessment for an occupation on the nominated region’s list
  • Have been living in the designated regional area for at least 12 months
  • Having been working in your nominated occupation or a closely related occupation within the designated regional area for 12 months.

Stream 2 Eligibility:

  • Hold a valid Skills Assessment for an occupation on the nominated region’s list
  • Having completed study or education with a provider within the previous 24 months, in the designated regional area in NSW, meets the study requirement (as determined by Home Affairs), and the qualification obtained is relevant to the nominated occupation.
  • Have been living in the designated regional area during the period of study

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