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July 18, 2021

ACT Migration Highlights

ACT Uses the Canberra Matrix to fairly manage the nomination process and select applicants who will best contribute to the Canberra region. The Matrix is a merit-based assessment tool similar to SkillSelect. 

For the 2021-2020 457 / 482 Migration Process: 

  • Separate invitation rounds will be held for the 491 and 190 nomination streams at present. The highest ranked candidates in each stream will be invited to apply for ACT nomination, however an invitation may not be issued if the allocated spaces had reached it’s capped potential. 
  •  Only Matrix with a nominated occupation on the ACT Critical Skills List in May 2021 will be selected to apply at this time. 
  •  If your nominated occupation was removed from the ACT Critical Skills List in May 2021, your Matrix will lapse within 6 months. 

 For Skilled Migration Subclass 491/190: 

You must lodge your interest via SkillSelect for ACT/Canberra and complete the Canberra Matrix.  

The Canberra Matrix is completed for both 491, 190 and PhD Streamlined nomination: 

  • Enter your personal information. 
  • Select either ACT 491 nomination or ACT 190 nomination. 
  • Select Canberra resident or overseas applicant. 
  • Select yes / no ‘PhD Streamlined nomination’ 
  • Select Eligibility criteria: 

1.  Occupation on the current ACT Critical Skill List, or  

2. 457 / 482 visa holder, or 

3.  Small Business Owner. 

  • Select one option in the drop-down menu for each Matrix category (does not apply to PhD Streamlined).  

Your supporting documents must prove that your claims are true. 

Furthermore, ACT offers streamlined nomination scheme for PhD graduates who have completed at an ACT university. The application is a simplified application with minimal supporting documentation, priority processing, and the removal of the $300 service fee.  

For a full list of ACT Critical Skills, please visit: http://www.canberrayourfuture.com.au/portal/migrating/article/act-critical-skills-list/ 

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