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Ivy Lee

Ivy Lee

Business Development Manager | Australia

Ivy Lee has over 20 years of experience in business development, financial services and consumer services both in China and in Australia, crossing to the finance, health & aged care, property and tourism industry. She is a strong result driven person to help the business and customers to achieve the goals.

She is a fully qualified CPA in Australia with the well practice experience on business plan, start-up and operations in business. Her enormous finance and business experience has driven her to achieve 50+ millions of sales for the ASX listed company within five years, introduced several of health & aged care systems into China, on-going provide business strategy and investment advice to the Chinese small business in Australia.   With nearly 20 years of overseas life background, proficient in Australian politics, culture, and business, and years of project operation experience, Ivy has a deep understanding of Australian investment projects. In the past many years, she has provided consistent help to the migrations to settle down in the Australian community and find their destiny in this new country.  The goal she joins the visa division of Bannister Law is to use her wealth overseas life experience and project professional background to focus on helping more and more student and family to take a smooth landing in Australia and enjoy the amazing life here. “

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