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Terence Pulasinghe

Terence Pulasinghe

Business Development Manager - Sri Lanka

Terence has over 30 years of experience in marketing, recruitment, customer service, business management, and general management in automotive, consumer services, financial services and several other diverse industry segments in senior managerial levels both in private and state, and also in international institutions based in Sri Lanka. He has been engaged in negotiating with local and international organizations successfully for developing businesses in Sri Lanka by creating a win-win situation. During his tenure in Small and Medium Enterprise Bank (SME Bank) as the Chief Operations Officer, he was instrumental in organizing several entrepreneur development programs to assist small and medium entrepreneurs and created a public image as a financial institution serving entrepreneurs exclusively.  He has received extensive training in several disciplines in Sri Lanka and overseas.

He hold experience in migration industry and considers working for the migration industry as an opportunity to transfer and utilize his experience and expertise to assist Sri Lankans who seek suitable job opportunities in Australia.