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Meet the team

Charles Bannister

Principal | Founder | Solicitor

Charles began work in the law around 1996 and was first registered as an immigration agent in April 2002.

Charles acted on advising Businesses with there migration needs, spouse visas, protection visas and many other visa categories and often provided pro bono assistance for refugees and those seeking asylum and other visa assistance at the The Bhanin El-Minieh Association located in Auburn for many years. Charles has extensively acted in legal matters for those in need and enjoys being able to help relieve the burden that foreigners can face in the complex legal and immigration system. Charles has acted for and engaged with many Sydney based cultural groups and has travelled extensively and has a good insight into the qualities that those from diverse background can bring to Australia and celebrates its multiculturalism. We are privileged to be able to help those in need of visa assistance. The right advice is waiting for you to take the first step.


Eric Jiang

Immigration Agent | MARN 1798698

Eric has been a Registered Migration Agent from 2017. He has extensive migration case management experiences across family visa, skilled visa, business innovation and investment visa, employer sponsored visa and student visa.

After working as a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) for ten years, Eric decided to make a career change and ventured into the migration industry, completed a post graduate qualification in Migration Law and Practice at the Australian National University. Since registered with the MARA, Eric has successfully helped hundreds of clients achieve the desired visa outcomes. Eric is a quick learner, thinker and problem solver. He thrives on the challenge to provide practical visa pathways for all clients. Eric is bilingual, he is also fluent in Mandarin.

Ivy Lee

Business Development Manager | Australia

Ivy Lee has over 20 years of experience in business development, financial services and consumer services both in China and in Australia, crossing to the finance, health & aged care, property and tourism industry. She is a strong result driven person to help the business and customers to achieve the goals.

She is a fully qualified CPA in Australia with the well practice experience on business plan, start-up and operations in business. Her enormous finance and business experience has driven her to achieve 50+ millions of sales for the ASX listed company within five years, introduced several of health & aged care systems into China, on-going provide business strategy and investment advice to the Chinese small business in Australia.   With nearly 20 years of overseas life background, proficient in Australian politics, culture, and business, and years of project operation experience, Ivy has a deep understanding of Australian investment projects. In the past many years, she has provided consistent help to the migrations to settle down in the Australian community and find their destiny in this new country.  The goal she joins the visa division of Bannister Law is to use her wealth overseas life experience and project professional background to focus on helping more and more student and family to take a smooth landing in Australia and enjoy the amazing life here. “

Katerina Ladygo

Immigration Agent & Adviser | MARA 1806599

Katerina is an Australian Registered Migration Agent and a Member of Migration Alliance.

Having successfully completed her own immigration journey, Katerina has a first-hand experience going through this highly sensitive process. Katerina has PhD in Engineering and is a Member of Engineers Australia, which is why she has started her career in immigration law with a goal to help migrating engineers from around the globe with their complicated skills assessments. Her personal success and ambitious character have led her to further advancing her career and she now provides immigration advice and assistance across a wide range of visa categories

Katerina has lived and worked in several countries and travelled extensively, she understands all nuances of the immigration process, including diversity, and is able to cater to her clients’ unique needs, ensuring stress-free experience and positive outcome for all. Katerina speaks Russian and Spanish.

Jason Saggers

Migration Agent | MARN 0701842

Jason has extensive experience of 10 years representing numerous corporate and individual clients at the Migration Review Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Ministerial intervention. He is considered an expert in all fields of visas, especially strong on the General Skilled Migration, Business & Investor Migration, Partner, Parent and Child visa streams, protection & refugee visas.

As one of the company’s veterans, Jason actively communicates with the team and analyzes each application case together so that each client of the company can get the most accurate and best visa planning and service after the most effective comprehensive argumentation.

Upasna Talwani

| Solicitor

Upasna began her law journey in 2016. Being a migrant from India herself she faced all the nuances of migration process and is well versed in two languages of Hindi and Punjabi.

After finishing the rigorous conversion of law from University of Sydney (LPAB) and being an alumni of College of law in 2020 she has a number of experience in varied fields of law like Criminal and Family Law. During her work experience in Firmstone associates she assisted the Principal in merits reviews at the Administrative
Appeals Tribunal (AAT), and has worked on Protection visas for refugees from war zones, women seeking Safe Haven visa due to domestic violence and has assisted on applications of Student Visa and Partner Visa. Upasna, being a migrant herself knows what are the difficulties one faces in the complex and legal immigration process specially when one applies offshore applications. And when somebody is offshore gets an advice from a person who knows the language seems comforting and assuring.

Shakuntala SenGupta

Social Media Executive

Shakuntala is a curious, creative and exploratory graphic designer, she aspire to strive for innovative ideas and highly conceptual outputs to everyday design problems. There is no one answer to a design problem and she believe that pursuing a constant effort to find better approaches to problem-solving makes for great design. With global experience in studying and working in design, she hope to explore varying forms of design within my career progression.

She is currently pursuing a Master of Design at UNSW and involved with the UNSW Tea and Coffee society as a creative subcommittee member, involving herself within the design community in university.

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