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Adoption visa (subclass 102)

About this Visa

This visa allows children who were adopted outside of Australia to join their adoptive parents in Australia.

How long the child can stay

This is a permanent visa. It lets the child stay in Australia indefinitely. The child becomes a permanent resident on the day we grant the visa.

To apply for this visa, the child must be

  • Have been under the age of 18 at the time of adoption, when they applied, and when we made our decision
  • Be outside Australia when the application is filed
  • Adopted or is in a process of adoption

This visa allows you to

  • Stay in Australia indefinitely with their adoptive parent
  • Work and study in Australia
  • Enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare
  • Sponsor their relatives to come to Australia
  • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

Include other children

If your child has siblings who also want an Adoption Visa, please apply for each sibling in a separate way.

When applying to or adding to the application, the dependent children of the child may be included in their application at any time before deciding on the application.

Our health requirements have to be met by the dependent children of the child applying for a visa.

Family members who are not visiting Australia may be required to meet our health requirements as well.

Apply from

The child must be outside Australia when the application is submitted.

Processing times

The application might take longer to process if:

  • It is wrongly filled out.
  • It does not contain all of the documentation we need, and we need additional information.
  • It takes time for us to double-check the information.
  • If the correct visa application fee is not paid, Home Affairs will be unable to process the application.


All Australian rules must be followed by the child and any dependents.

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Adoption visa (subclass 102)

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