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Bridging Visa A


This is the most common bridging visa which is a substantive visa application for another visa application you may have filed. With BVB this stands out as the most favourable bridging visa.  

Application Process: 

This visa is granted automatically when a valid application is made while in Australia for a substantive visa while still holding a valid previous visa. In certain cases, a BVA can be applied separately.  

Working rights: 

BVA carries over the working right from the previous visa. There are exceptions with the BVA in relation to applications made in Australia for the visas below. Such associates, BVA’s have no work limitations imposed: 

  1. Partner & Parent visas, namely:
    • Partner (Subclass 820); 
    • Partner (Subclass 801); 
    • Aged Parent (Subclass 804); 
    • Contributory Aged Parent Temporary (Subclass 884); and 
    • Contributory Aged Parent (Subclass 864). 
  1. Skilled & Business visas, namely:
    • Business Talent (Permanent) (subclass 132), 
    • A Business Skill (Provisional) (subclass 188), 
    • A Business Skill (Permanent) (subclasses 890/891/892/893), 
    • An Employer Nomination (Permanent) [ENS] (subclass 186), 
    • A Regional Employer Nomination [RSMS] (subclass 187), 
    • A Skilled Independent (Permanent) (subclass 189), 
    • A Skilled Nominated (Permanent) (subclass 190), 
    • A Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 489), 
    • A Skilled (Residence) (subclass 887) 

Travel allowance: 

No travel is allowed while on a BVA visa.  

Validity ceases once: 

  • Your new substantive visa is granted 
  • A new bridging visa is granted in relation to the same substantive visa application 
  • If your current visa is cancelled, so is your BVA at the same time once you leave Australia 
  • 28 days after the valid visa application has been withdrawn and there is no other substantive visa you hold 
  • 28 days after you have been notified that your substantive visa application is invalid 
  • 28 days after the refusal of your substantive visa application 
  • 28 days after a decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in the case when you decide to appeal the case officer’s decision 

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