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Bridging Visa D

Bridging visa D is a short term bridging visa (valid for 5 days) granted to people with no valid substantive visa (or someone whose substantive visa is about to expire in 3 working days). This visa has two subclasses: 

  1. Subclass 040: Prospective  Applicant 
  2. Subclass 041: Non-Applicant 

The subclass 040 (prospective applicant) visa is available to people who:  

  • Have no visa at the moment or whose substantive visa will expire within 3 working days; and 
  • Have attempted to make a valid application for a substantive visa but was unable to do so; and 
  • Will be able to make a valid application within 5 working days. 

There is a limit of up to 3 BVD’s (subclass 040) that can be granted since the last substantive visa held. BVD is very often a step towards bridging visa E (BVE) in order to keep a person legally in Australia. 

The subclass 041 (non-applicant) visa is available for people with no valid visa who: 

  • Either is unable or do not wish to apply for a substantive visa; and 
  • There is no authorised officer available to interview them to check if they are eligible for a BVE. 

Application process: 

You can apply in a special form. 

Working rights: 

BVD has no working rights. 

Travel allowance: 

No travel is allowed while on a BVvisa.  

Validity ceases once: 

  • Your new substantive visa is granted 
  • Another bridging visa is granted (BVD or BVE) 
  • 5 business days after the grant 

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