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Bridging Visa E

BVE is the second-most popular visa after the BVA 

  1. Subclass 050:Bridging General 
  2. Subclass 051: Protection Visa Applicant

Application process: 

You can apply on a special form at the nearest immigration office by fax or post.  

However, under some circumstances, a person will never be eligible for BE, for example 

  • Upon arrival at the airport in Australia when they have not been cleared from immigration 
  • Their previous BE was cancelled due to criminal offences 

Furthermore, a security bond (e.g cash) might be required by Immigration to ensure compliance with BVE conditions. 

Working rights: 

Allowed to work only if you are able to prove that you need to work due to financial hardship. 

Travel allowance: 

No travel is allowed while on a BVE visa.  


Validity ceases once: 

  • Your new substantive visa is granted 
  • A new bridging visa is granted (BVE) is granted in relation to the substantive visa application 
  • If your currently held visa is cancelled so will your BE once you leave Australia 
  • When a migration officer finds it suitable  
  • 28 days after the valid visa application has been withdrawn and there is no other substantive visa you hold 
  • 28 days after you have been notified that your substantive visa application is invalid 
  • 28 days after the refusal of your substantive visa application 
  • 28 days after a decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in the case when you decide to appeal the case officer’s decision 


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