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Short Term TSS visa- – 482 Subclass

About this Visa

Employers may use this visa to solve labour shortages by bringing in qualified staff when they are unable to find suitable Australian candidates.

How long can you stay

  • Stay upto 2 to 4 years if ITO applies
  • Passport holders from Hong Kong are allowed to remain for up to 5 years.

To apply for this visa, you must:

  • Be nominated to work in one of the short-term professional occupations on the list 
  • Have at least two years of appropriate work experience in the profession you’ve chosen or a similar area 
  • If your profession needs it, you should have a related skills evaluation. 
  • Unless you are disqualified, you must only work for your sponsor or a related agency. 
  • If you are excluded from having to prove this, meet minimum requirements of English language proficiency 

This visa allows you to

  • Work in Australia for your sponsor for up to 4 years, or up to 5 years if you are a Hong Kong passport holder 
  • Study (you won’t receive government assistance) 
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid 
  • If eligible, apply for permanent residence 
  • For this stream of the visa, you must be sponsored to work in an occupation listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.

Apply from

When you apply for the visa and when we decide on your application, you can be in or out of Australia, but you cannot be in immigration clearance.
However, you must be outside Australia if all the following apply:

  • you have held more than one TSS visa in the Short-term stream
  • you hold a TSS visa in the Short-term stream and you were in Australia when you applied for that visa
  • applying outside Australia is not inconsistent with an ITO

If you are applying in Australia, you must hold:

  • Substantive visa, or
  • Bridging visa A, Bridging visa B or Bridging visa C


You must fulfil all visa requirements and comply with Australian legislation. 

  • If you are outside Australia when we grant a visa you must start work within 90 days of entering Australia.
  • If you are in Australia when we award the visa, you must begin working within 90 days of your visa grant.

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