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Subclass 887 – Skilled Regional Visa (Permanent):

About this Visa

This Visa has strict residency requirements. You need to demonstrate that for which you should meet strict residency and work requirements. You must be in Australia to apply for an 887 visa. Your 887-visa application must satisfy criteria such as you need to be either holding an eligible visa of the following: – 

  1. You should have a Subclass 489 Visa. 
  2. Or you should have a Provisional Skilled Independent Regional visa (subclass 495) 
  3. Or you should Provisional Skilled Designated Area Sponsored Provisional visa (subclass 496) 
  4. Or you should have a Provisional Skilled Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475) 
  5. Or you should have Provisional Skilled Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 487); or 
  6. Bridging Visa, A or B after applying for a subclass 489, 495 or 487 visas. 
  7. You should have lived in a specified regional area of Australia for at least two years as the holder of an eligible visa. 
  8. You should have worked full-time in a specified regional area of Australia for at least one year as the holder of an eligible visa. 

How long can you stay

A person who is granted this visa can stay in Australia permanently and indefinitely. 

To apply for this visa, you must:

  • Have an eligible visa or had an eligible visa that expired outside of Australia during the concession period 
  • Unless COVID-19 concessions apply, you must have lived in a specified regional area for at least 2 years and worked full-time for at least 1 year. 
  • Have met the requirements of the eligible visa you currently hold or previously held 

This visa allows you to 

  • You can work and study in Australia 
  • You get enrolled in Medicare, Australia’s health care scheme. 
  • You can apply for Australian citizenship once they are eligible. 
  • You can travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted (after that time, you will need a resident return visa or another visa to return to Australia). 


The department will assess your application if you provide and have genuine documents which are proof of full-time work and proof of residence for 2 years. 


You must fulfil all visa requirements and comply with Australian legislation. 

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Skilled Regional Visa (Permanent)

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