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Visa Cancellations


Any type of visa (permanent or temporary) may be cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs for a number of reasons or you may write to the Department asking to cancel your visa. Any other third party cannot cancel your current visa. You may receive a warning letter from the Department advising you that your visa may be cancelled. This is known as Notice of Intention to consider cancellation (NOICC) and if you receive you may choose to respond. As this notice is already a serious warning it is best you seek legal advice  upon first receiving this notice

Common visa cancellation scenarios

  • Cancellation due to the failure of the character test
  • Cancellation due to breaching visa conditions
  • Cancellation on reasonable suspicion that conditions of the visa are being breached
  • Cancellation due to pending criminal charges
  • Cancellation due to providing false or misleading information
  • Student visa holders not meeting the requirements  of their course or not being enrolled full time

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Visa Cancellations

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