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Visa Refusal Appeal

If your Visa has been refused

You may be eligible to apply for another visa, depending on the circumstances of your case, particularly the refusal grounds and whether you were onshore or offshore at the time of the refusal.

Non-character-related refusal
There are many reasons why your visa may have been refused, including the following:
·        Applying for the wrong type of visa
·        Inconsistencies in your visa application
·        You did not meet the conditions of a previous Australian visa or it was refused
·        Failing to provide relevant documentation on time
·        Providing false or/and misleading information
·        Failing to meet health requirements
·        Failing to meet character requirements
·        Inability to provide financial documents

If your visa application is refused on non-character grounds, you may only be eligible to apply for a limited list of visa sub-classes whilst you remain in Australia. This includes a Partner Visa and a Bridging Visa.

Character-related refusal
Significantly more serious implications arise if a visa application is refused on character grounds, which may result in permanent exclusion from Australia. In such a case, you would not be able to make a valid application for a visa whilst you remain in Australia. Moreover, any other visa application that you have lodged is taken to have been also refused.
If you have had a visa refused, you may be prevented from being granted a further visa to Australia through the operation of the below Public Interest Criteria (PIC 4013) and Special Return Criteria (SRC 4014).
If you have received a refusal, it is important that you seek legal advice in a timely manner. All appeal options, if available, have strict deadlines, after which it is difficult or impossible to lodge an appeal.

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Visa Refusal Appeal

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